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St Joseph Workplace Injury LawyersA St. Joseph Workplace Injury Attorney at Taylor Siemens has over 50 years of experience in representing injured workers in hundreds of cases. They have a strong track record of success. For example, the attorneys at Taylor Siemens recently recovered an eight-figure settlement for a young man who was severely injured while working in an industrial facility.

You are entitled to Workers’ Compensation

Under Missouri and Kansas law, injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Employers are required to pay an injured worker’s medical bills. Employers are also required to pay temporary disability benefits during the time when the injured worker is recovering from their injury. And in cases where the injury results in a permanent disability or impairment, employers are required to compensate injured workers for the permanent disability or impairment.Protections for Workers and Their Families

Sadly, employers and their insurance companies often do not treat injured workers well. It is common for them to deny workers’ compensation claims or to minimize the worker’s injury. On their own, injured workers are often at a big disadvantage when faced with the insurance company and its doctors and lawyers. That is where the attorneys at Taylor Siemens can help. We have helped many injured workers show that their employers were wrong to deny the claim or minimize the injured workers’ injuries. We handle your case and deal with the insurance adjusters and defense attorneys so that you can focus on getting better and returning to work.

The attorneys at Taylor Siemens have processes in place to maximize the recovery of injured workers. We work with many reputable medical and vocational experts who can fairly and objectively evaluate our clients’ injuries to determine the nature and extent of their injuries and disabilities or impairments. Let us carry the burden of proving your case.

Limitations of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In some cases, there are third parties responsible for the injured worker’s injuries. That is someone other than the employer or co-workers. That can be the manufacturers of dangerous
products, safety professionals and inspectors, insurance companies, doctors, and contractors. Our St. Joseph Workplace Injury Attorney at Taylor Siemens investigate whether any such third party is responsible for the injuries of their clients and will pursue cases against third parties on behalf of their clients if the attorneys’ investigation reveals that there is a responsible third party.

A Third Party Claim May Increase Your Potential Recovery

The benefit of this to injured workers is that the recovery available in a case against a third party is not limited by the restrictive remedies permitted by the workers’ compensation system. For example, in a workers’ compensation case, an injured worker cannot recover compensation for pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life. However, in a case against a third party product manufacturer, for example, the injured worker can recover compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

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