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St. Joseph Fire Accident AttorneysFires kill or injure more than 30,000 people in the United States every year. While some fires are simply acts of nature, such as those started by lightning, many others are preventable and happen because of another’s negligence. In some cases, they are started by the criminal act of arson. Fires are capable of causing catastrophic burn injuries that often result in death and are frequently life-altering for those who survive. In addition to burns, smoke inhalation can cause death and lingering respiratory problems in survivors. When you contact our St. Joseph Fire Accident Attorney for help, you get the best care possible.

There are Many Types of Fires

Outdoor wildfires, structural fires and motor vehicle, aircraft and boat fires often result in serious bodily injuries and fatalities as well as the extensive destruction of property.


Wildfires may be the result of negligence on the part of a utility company that fails to maintain electrical lines and allows them to come into contact with trees or other types of vegetation, causing them to ignite. They can also be caused by a smoker dropping a lit cigarette in a dry area or a campfire that is not properly extinguished.

Structural Fires

Structural fires can occur in homes, office buildings, stores, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, theaters, hotels and industrial facilities. They may start with a kitchen fire, from faulty electrical wiring, candles, furnaces, careless smoking or even an untended barbecue. If exit doors are blocked, people can be trapped inside a burning building; lack of smoke alarms could delay evacuation, causing unnecessary deaths. Any of these causes might be attributable to someone’s negligence.

Motor Vehicle, Aircraft and Boat Fires

Any impact that causes flammable fluids to leak can cause a car, aircraft or boat engine to catch fire. Fuel leaks often occur on impact in a motor vehicle collision when fuel lines, tanks hoses, caps, and filters break. Leaking gasoline or diesel fuel can explode and quickly engulf the vehicle, plane or boat in flames before passengers have time to escape, causing burns, smoke inhalation, and death.

Your Right to Compensation for Fire-Related Injuries or Wrongful Death

If you or someone close to you has suffered burn or smoke inhalation injuries as a result of a fire that was caused by someone else’s negligent or deliberate act, you are entitled to make a claim for monetary compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include medical expenses, therapy and rehabilitation costs, medical devices and prescriptions, lost earnings and potential future earnings and any other expenses that you incurred because of the accident. Non-economic damages are especially significant in burn injury accidents because burns cause a great deal of physical and mental pain and suffering, and the injuries and disfigurement are often permanent. Non-economic damages are those that affect your quality of life but don’t come with a specific price tag.

Free Fire Injury Legal Consultation

Fires cause serious and life-altering injuries, and in order to recover enough money to fully compensate you for your full range of damages, you will need to have a skilled and highly experienced burn injury lawyer working for you. In St. Joseph, Mo., you’ll find the level of competence, experience, and skill that you need in a catastrophic burn injury or wrongful death case at the law firm of Taylor Siemens. Our partners have 100 years of combined legal experience in protecting the rights of the injured and obtaining substantial compensation awards for thousands of clients.

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If you’ve suffered burns, smoke inhalation or any other injury, or if a member of your family died as a result of a fire that another person or company caused, whether by an accident resulting from negligence or a deliberate act of arson, you have the right to pursue justice. At Taylor Siemens we invite you to take advantage of our free consultation offer to learn about your rights and legal options for recovering monetary compensation for your fire-related injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. Missouri law limits the time in which you can file your claim, so call now to speak with one of our experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate St. Joseph fire accident attorneys.