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St. Joseph Burn Injury AttorneysIf you’ve come to this site because you or a member of your family has suffered a severe burn, you know you that burn injuries are horribly painful and disfiguring. The most serious burns are often fatal, and any burn that covers a large area of your body is a catastrophic injury that can cause extensive scarring, functional impairment, emotional anguish and, too often, death. In many cases, the burns are the result of another person or company’s negligence, in which case you are entitled to file a claim to recover compensation for your damages. Our St. Joseph Burn Injury Attorney will fight to get you the best results!

Burns, whether caused by fires, flames, explosions, fireworks, electricity, chemicals, scalding or contact with a hot surface, often leave scars and skin contractures, which can be traumatizing when they distort the appearance of your face.

Severe burns often cause permanent disability, which may affect your ability to return to work, care for your family and yourself and perform life’s daily tasks.

Any burn that is more than superficial can cause a reduction in the blood flow to the affected area. This can result in infection, intense pain and life-threatening complications, including the need to amputate an arm or leg. Potentially fatal complications include gangrene, electrolyte imbalance, organ failure, difficulty breathing, sepsis, and shock.
Serious Burn Statistics

These figures help illustrate the extent of the toll in suffering and death that burns take in the United States:

  • Approximately 3,500 Americans die from burn injuries every year.
  • Infection kills nearly ¾ of those who have suffered from extensive burn injuries.
  • In the US, approximately 450,000 people are treated annually for burn injuries.
  • Ten percent of all burn patients are admitted to a hospital for inpatient treatment.

Consequences of Extensive Burn Injuries

If you are a burn patient who has survived a widespread burn injury, you will likely suffer the effects as long as you live. In addition to the physical damage, the pain, scars, contractures and tissue damage, the disfigurement may cause victims to avoid social interactions and can lead to isolation and emotional trauma.

Burn Injury Damages

Burn treatment can continue for years, with multiple surgeries, skin grafts and ongoing physical, occupational and psychological therapy. Therefore, you must receive enough compensation to cover the cost of long-term treatment and living expenses when you are not able to work. In addition, you should be compensated for your physical and emotional pain and suffering and the damage to your quality of life. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you hire a highly experienced burn injury attorney with years of experience handling catastrophic burn accident cases. Your attorney will need to have a team of experts available to investigate the causes of the accident, identify all parties who may be found liable, document your injuries and provide expert testimony to help prove your case.

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In St. Joseph, Mo., the attorneys of the law firm of Taylor Siemens, have the personal injury experience you need if you or a family member has suffered a serious burn injury caused by of the negligence of another individual, company or government entity. We have the compassion, commitment, resources and trial skill to fight for the recovery you need to go on living and caring for your family in the aftermath of a serious burn injury. Our partners have a combined 100 years of personal injury legal experience and a record of obtaining impressive recovery awards for thousands of clients.

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If you have lost a family member from a serious burn injury caused by someone else’s negligent, careless or deliberate act, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to hold the wrongdoer accountable for the suffering he or she has caused and to make every effort to recover monetary compensation for your damages. Call the law offices of Taylor Siemens to schedule your free appointment to speak with one of our dedicated St. Joseph burn injury attorneys about your right to a recovery.